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  • Thumbnail Image for ECO Sonic Safety Horn

    Sound Protection with Eco-Confidence! A new safety horn from the market leader, the ECO Sonic Safety Horn is one of the first to utilize a newly-formulated non-flammable, ultra-low Global Warming Potential (GWP) aerosol propellant. Eco-Benefits include: 99.5% Lower GWP (Global Warming Potential)...

  • Thumbnail Image for Sound 911 Horn-Boxed

    Feel safe while jogging, shopping, biking or any time you need the reassurance knowing help is a signal blast away. Sound 911 Personal Safety Horn sends out a 112-decibel blast of piercing sound to deter a would-be assailant or unfriendly animal. This convenient, compact device can be heard up to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Mighty Sonic Horn

    The Lightweight, Portable, Long-Lasting Safety Horn. Built for long-lasting reliability - totally independent of any other power source - the portable Mighty Sonic is 100% ozone-safe and non-flammable! POWERFUL! Delivers a piercing 120dB blast at 10 feet. EASY! Convenient push-button operation....

  • Thumbnail Image for Emergency Alarm Station

    The 100% ozone-safe, non-flammable Emergency Alarm Station is perfect for effective, low-cost protection - independent of any additional power source!

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