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  • Thumbnail Image for Kimwipe® EX-L Delicate Task Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Soft and gentle on surfaces Absorbent Low-linting Single-ply wipers are soft, non-abrasive and safe for most delicate surfaces. Wipes clean, providing extra low-lint and extractable performance. Easily wipes liquid and dust. Two sizes are packaged in Pop-Up ® dispenser boxes.

  • Thumbnail Image for Caring® Woven Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges


    Non-sterile sponges can be used for applications where sterile gauze is not required Not made with natural rubber latex

  • Thumbnail Image for WYPALL* Jumbo Roll Wall Mount Dispenser

    Kimberly Clark

    Dispenser for all WYPALL* and KIMTECH* jumbo roll products. Efficient dispensing reduces waste

  • Thumbnail Image for KLEENEX® Anti-Viral Facial Tissue

    Kimberly Clark

    How do you stop the spread of germs when 72% of employees go to work when they are sick? Start here by offering Kleenex® Anti-Viral tissues at your workplace to help protect other employees and maintain the productivity of your team. Helps reduce the spread of germs in your workplace to keep...

  • Thumbnail Image for PRO-WIPE® SE Wiper


    Pro-Wipe ® SE Knit is an all-purpose sealed edge knit wiper. It is cleanroom laundered for use in controlled environment and industrial applications. This is a durable wiper with exceptional cleanliness compared to other industrial wipers. An economical alternative to a standard clean-room knitted...

  • Placeholder Image for Foamtec® Foam Wipes


    Foamtec wipes are made using 100 pores per inch polyester polyurethane foam. The foam is reticulated in a dry, non-chemical process creating an open cell structure which minimizes particulate contamination and entraps and removes particles from wiped surfaces, leaving low levels of residue. These...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Blue Disposable Paper Wipers, 12” x 13”


    Non-bleeding blue paper wiper Soft material Extremely strong and durable even when wet Low-lint material great for cleaning glass, beakers, and other areas 12"x13" sheets come flat packed in cardboard box 500 sheets per case

  • Thumbnail Image for KLEENEX® Hard Roll Towels

    Kimberly Clark

    Thomas Nos. 1189A21 and 1189A22 Soft feel and premium quality in a roll towel, preferred for exceptional hand drying performance. Kleenex® Hard Roll Towels have Absorbency Pockets™ that absorb lots of water fast, for superior hand drying. Thomas No. 1189A23 Soft feel, premium performance in a roll...

  • Thumbnail Image for CleanZorb™ Nonwoven Wipers

    Connecticut Cleanroom

    Ideal for applications where high sorbency and low extractables are important. Excellent for picking up aqueous spills. Suitable for cleaning precision components and apparatus. Fabricated from a polyester/woodpulp blend, this material combines the high sorbency of natural fibers with the...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Cheesecloth Wipers


    For cleaning optics, wiping up spills or dying delicate labware 100% pure cotton, clean, absorbent and non-abrasive Will absorb six times their own weight of solvents and aqueous solutions Reagent grade quality Meets all lab requirements Lint-free 9 inch squared 8-ply pad (2904A20) unfolds to 18 x...

  • Thumbnail Image for Kleenex® Scottfold* Towels

    Kimberly Clark

    Make wasted paper towels a thing of the past with premium Kleenex Scottfold Paper Towels. Their unique fold is designed for true one-at-a-time dispensing, every time. They reduce tabbing, tearing and multiple dispensing, which results in less waste – always good for your business’ bottom...

  • Placeholder Image for WYPALL* X70 Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Our WYPALL* X70 Wipers offer an alternative to cloth rags or shop towels, with absorbency that extends usage and reduces waste.

  • Thumbnail Image for CHOICE®900 Sealed Edge Knit 145 gram-9x9


    100% continuous filament knit polyester and ultrasonically sealed edge for reduced fiber contamination. Laundered and packaged in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom. Critically low particles, fibers, ions and extractables High abrasion resistance Excellent absorbency Applications Designed for use in...

  • Thumbnail Image for GhostWipes

    Environmental Express

    All GhostWipes are approved by AIHA. This revolutionary product eases sample preparation and analysis of surface lead or surface dust. The GhostWipe is a sturdy wiping material that holds together even on the roughest wiping surfaces. At the lab the Ghost Wipe readily and completely dissolves during...

  • Thumbnail Image for Cleanroom Wipers


    Wiper Cleaning Principle Cleaning is a process of lowering the adhesion force between the particles and the surface to be cleaned allowing the contaminant to be easily captured by the wiper. It involves a method of balancing the particle content between the contaminated surface and the wiper....

  • Thumbnail Image for PRO-WIPE®  AP Wipers


    Pro-Wipe® AP is an all purpose industrial rayon/polyester nonwoven wiper. Durable and low-linting, Pro-Wipe ® AP is tough enough to be a rag replacement and clean enough to be used in a controlled manufacturing environment. 50% rayon / 50% polyester hydroentangled nonwoven blend No binders or other...

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