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  • Thumbnail Image for Kimwipe® EX-L Delicate Task Wipers

    Soft and gentle on surfaces Absorbent Low-linting Single-ply wipers are soft, non-abrasive and safe for most delicate surfaces. Wipes clean, providing extra low-lint and extractable performance. Easily wipes liquid and dust. Two sizes are packaged in Pop-Up ® dispenser boxes.

  • Thumbnail Image for Caring® Woven Non-Sterile Gauze Sponges

    Non-sterile sponges can be used for applications where sterile gauze is not required Not made with natural rubber latex

  • Thumbnail Image for WYPALL* Jumbo Roll Wall Mount Dispenser

    Dispenser for all WYPALL* and KIMTECH* jumbo roll products. Efficient dispensing reduces waste

  • Thumbnail Image for SCOTT® JRT Jr. Bathroom Tissue

    SCOTT® JRT Jr. Bathroom Tissue is the reliable and practical choice. One roll of this high capacity tissue equals nearly 5 standard rolls. This system is ideal for those high traffic areas by helping reduce run-outs and re-fills. Meets EPA Standards for minimum post consumer waste content.

  • Thumbnail Image for PRO-WIPE® 750 Wipers

    Pro-Wipe® 750 is solvent resistant with superior absorbency. It makes an excellent upgrade for industrial wiper users. Thermally bonded 60% polypropylene/40% cellulose Highly sorbent and durable No secondary binders Cellulose core provides excellent wicking of solvents Applications Designed for use...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas White Disposable Paper Wipers

    Soft material, yet extremely strong and durable even when wet Low-lint material great for cleaning glass, beakers, and other areas 12" x 17" sheets come flat packed in cardboard box

  • Thumbnail Image for KIMTECH® Surface Sanitizer Wipes

    The Ultimate One-Step Sanitizing Weapon! KIMTECH PREP® Surface Sanitizer Wipes will make your sanitizing wiping needs - simple! You get a fresh, clean KIMTECH® wipe every time! Eliminates bacteria transfer between dirty rags and surfaces. Kill 99.999% of bacterial (on hard, non-porous surfaces).

  • Thumbnail Image for Dust Sampling Template

    Environmental Express

    For use with GhostWipes for Pb and Be sampling. Isolate the area you're testing.

  • Thumbnail Image for POLX® 1200 Wipers


    Polx®1200 is a knife cut unlaundered cleanroom wiper recommended for ISO Class 5-7 environments. It is composed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric. 100% continuous filament polyester knit Knife cut edge No binders or surfactants Low contamination compared to non-wovens High abrasion...

  • Thumbnail Image for CHOICE®800 Knife Cut Knit 145 gram-9x9

    100% continuous filament knit polyester, knife cut edge for reduced scratching potential Laundered and packaged in ISO Class 4 (Class 10) cleanroom Very low particles, fibers, ions and extractables High abrasion resistance Excellent absorbency Chemically compatible with IPA, acetone and other...

  • Thumbnail Image for SCOTT® Kitchen Roll Towels

    More sheets on a roll to last longer. Smaller case for easier handling and storage. Made with ABSORBENCY POCKETS* for a soft and absorbent performance to handle tough spills and clean-up. 4.9" roll diameter.

  • Thumbnail Image for SCOTT® Roll Control Center-Pull Towels

    An economical and highly effective choice for your hand drying needs, SCOTT® Center-Pull Towels have Absorbency Pockets™ that absorb lots of water fast, for superior hand drying and are folded for one-handed dispensing. Highly absorbent, so you’ll use less and waste less Small cases for easy storage...

  • Thumbnail Image for VALUSEAL® 1500 Wipers

    ValuSeal® 1500 is a laser sealed edge cleanroom laundered wiper required for ISO Class 3 and above environments composed of 100% continuous filament polyester knit fabric. This combination of properties provides ValuSeal®1500 with a high level of cleanliness and chemical compatibility required for...

  • Thumbnail Image for Scott® C Fold Paper Towels

    Made with 100% recycled fiber. Meets EPA standards for minimum post-consumer waste content (towels: 40%) and is EcoLogo Certified. This product contain 100% recovered paper fiber and 75% post-consumer materials. Towel codes contain no added fragrances. Color: WHITE Size: 10.1 x 13.2" / 25.6 x 33.5...

  • Thumbnail Image for SCOTT® Coreless JRT Jr. Bathroom Tissue

    Our Coreless JRT Bathroom Tissue offers much more bathroom tissue than a standard roll, which means restrooms have reduced run-outs and fewer needs for refills.

  • Thumbnail Image for Twill Jean Cotton Twill Wipes

    The Twill Jean Wipe is a 100% cotton fabric,woven in a 2 x 1 twill construction. The Twill Jean Wipe is very absorbent and has high thermal stability for high temperature applications. The edges are bias cut to prevent unraveling. Strong, durable, and absorbent Suitable for high temperature...

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