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  • Thumbnail Image for Scienceware® Spinbar® Magnetic Sink Strainers

    Spinbar® Magnetic Sink Strainer is a simple solution to prevent your Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars from going down the sink drain. Four strong magnets attract and hold stir bars Four legs on the underside prevent strainer from being dislodged by flowing liquid Long slits in the sides and...

  • Thumbnail Image for Circulus™ Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Circulus™ Magnetic Stirring Bars offer fast mixing action and strong turbulence as well as greater stability with less drifting at higher speeds. Ideal for containers with round or convex bottoms All sizes have solid FDA grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE end disks 20mm (0.79") in...

  • Thumbnail Image for Teflon®-Coated, Octagon Spinbar Stirring Bars with Pivot Ring

    Octagon-shaped, with rounded ends and molded pivot ring Bars of Alnico Type V permanent magnet stock are completely encapsulated and magnetized after molding

  • Thumbnail Image for Spinpak® Magnetic Stirring Bar 6-Pack Assortments

    Convenient assortment packs suit a variety of needs. Choose from octagonal, round, micro or color-coded bars to best suit your needs Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE low friction coating; durable and inert Manufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2008 facility, as...

  • Thumbnail Image for Stir Bars, Egg Shapped, Blunt Edges

    United Scientific Supplies

    High quality egg shaped (blunt edges) stir bar, teflon coated magnet.

  • Thumbnail Image for Polygon Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars (without Pivot Rings)

    These stir bars have polygon multifaceted surfaces that add turbulence relative to similar smooth size cylindrical bars. Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE low friction coating; durable and inert Manufactured in a registered ISO 9001:2008 facility, as verified by...

  • Placeholder Image for Stirring Wires

    Precision Systems
  • Thumbnail Image for Magnetic Octagonal Stir Bars

    Teflon coated with molded pivot ring.

  • Thumbnail Image for Scienceware® Air Operated Turbine Magnetic Stirrer

    Eliminates sparking hazard Compact unit Stirrer is powered by a low pressure air supply that eliminates the sparking hazard from electrical sources. Compact unit operates using only 3 to 8 psi (21-55 kPa) air pressure and it is useful for stirring vesseals up to 1 liter. Tubing is provided to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spinfin® Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Spinfin® magnetic stirring bars agitate liquids in round bottom vessels such as test tubes, cylinders and flasks, where other stirring bars cannot be used. Maintains its position in a vessel and will not wobble Alnico magnet encapsulated in FDA Grade, USP Class VI Teflon® PTFE low friction...

  • Thumbnail Image for Stir Bars, Egg-Shaped

    Stir Bar Egg-Shaped 3/8X3/4" (1210D76 ) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 0.785x0.397x0.4in PTFE 20 mm length   Stir Bar Egg-Shaped 1/2X1" (1210D77 ) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 1x0.511x0.515in PTFE 25 mm length Stir Bar Egg-Shaped 5/8X1 1/4" (1210D78 ) Product Dimensions (l...

  • Thumbnail Image for Cell Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bar

    The Teflon® PTFE magnetic centrifugal stirrer, is sized to fit a regular 10mm spectrophotometer cuvette and offers fast mixing in both horizontal and vertical axes with minimal vortexing when set up on a magnetic stirring machine. The cross channels in the upper face create centrifugal pumping...

  • Thumbnail Image for Saturn Spinbar Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Two lengths to fit a wide range of vessels Autoclavable While many magnetic stirring bars are impeded by powders in a liquid, the Saturn Spinbar overcomes this problem. A large bulb in the bars center lifts the stirring bars ends while spinning thereby reducing surface contact area and allowing the...

  • Thumbnail Image for Magnetic Stirring Bar External Retriever

    The retriever is placed against the vessel wall where the stirbar is located. Slide the retriever up along the vessel wall, and the stirring bar follows along the inside wall of the vessel up to a point where you can manually pick it up. The oblong section 25x70mm (1" x 2-3/4") houses the...

  • Thumbnail Image for Micro (Flea) Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Micro (Flea) magnetic stirring bars are designed for stirring small volumes in vessels such as vials, tubes and gradient makers. Particularly useful for environmental testing and life science applications in which small sample volumes need to be prepared and evaluated Alnico magnet encapsulated in...

  • Thumbnail Image for Rare Earth – Samarium Cobalt Spinbar® Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Reduce frequency of spinout in viscous solutions or when stirring at high speeds. The high magnetic field strength of Samarium Cobalt (Rare Earth) magnets can provide up to three times stronger coupling vs. Alnico magnetic stirring bars.  Stronger coupling with the drive magnet keeps the...

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