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  • Thumbnail Image for Thermogreen® LB-2 Septa, solid discs diam. 10.0 mm ( 13/32 in.)

    An improved version over the original Thermogreen LB-1 septa. Extremely low bleed over a wide range of inlet temperatures (100 °C to 350 °C) Already conditioned, ready to use Easier needle penetration and high puncture tolerance (ideal for autosamplers) Rubber formulation exclusive to...

  • Thumbnail Image for 20 mm Septa, PTFE / Red Rub

    For caps or seals with open tops For cap size: 8mm PTFE faced natural red rubber Case of 100

  • Thumbnail Image for 11mm Crimp Seals

    National Scientific

    Aluminum seals with pre-inserted septa are compatible with standard opening crimp top vials, wide opening Target LOVial™ crimp top vials and Target Snap-it™ crimp/snap vials.

  • Thumbnail Image for Headspace Septa and Stoppers

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Requires the use of 20mm aluminum seals

  • Thumbnail Image for 33 mm Septa, Interlock, Butyl Gray

    Septa closure with locking flange for open-top caps. Flat stopper; thin flange Cap size: 33 mm Gray Chlorobutyl/50 septa

  • Thumbnail Image for Septa PTFE Silicone 18-400 Cs144

    Excellent for use with open-top caps to access container contents with a syringe Highly chemically resistant PTFE facing maintains integrity of contents Silicone rubber backing allows repeated puncturing through the seal Resists coring Autoclavable Recommended for use in all autosamplers using screw...

  • Thumbnail Image for Sera-Separa®

    Evergreen Scientific

    For use in removing fibrin and macro particles from serum to prevent line clogging. Users insert the 16 mm flange into the evacuated blood tube and push downward. Graduated barrel tells exactly how much liquid has been filtered. Wide-body style prevents sample probes from hitting side walls.

  • Thumbnail Image for 24 mm Septa, PTFE / Sil

    Septa for 24 mm open top caps. Made of Polytetrafluoroethylene/Silicone Autoclavable

  • Thumbnail Image for Septa PTFE Rubber 18-400 Cs144

    Low cost, good resealability Polytetrafluoroethylene provides barrier for product contact Red rubber

  • Thumbnail Image for 10-425 Septa

    National Scientific

    PTFE Disk septa are chemically inert PTFE Red Rubber septa are economical for many GC applications PTFE/Silicone septa are most popular for HPLC and IC applications Pre-slit septa are easier to pierce with thin gauge needles

  • Placeholder Image for Headspace Pressure Release Seals

    20 mm crimp closure with liner for headspace vials Score lines allow for internal pressure release Choice of three liner options

  • Thumbnail Image for Precision Seal® rubber septa cap white, for 5-6 mm O.D. tubes and ampules

    Synonym: rubber caps, rubber stopper, rubber stoppers Usage: for 5-6 mm O.D. tubes and ampules Color:   white General description Engineered for a "push on" fit in NMR tubes and ampules. The unique design provides a penetration point for cannulation and a dual seal inside the tube and...

  • Placeholder Image for Aluminum E-Z Seals

    For use with 12 x 32 mm crimp top vials Large target diameter Available in 4 colors Choice of liner

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