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  • Placeholder Image for Bulk Pack Straight Sided Glass Jars

    14B White Rubber Liner Bottles come bulk packed in shrink wrapped with caps in bags Clear glass allows for easy viewing of contents Amber glass protects light-sensitive contents Two capacities: 2 and 4 ounces Choice of five liner styles Type III soda-lime glass Narrow mouth design

  • Thumbnail Image for Polypropylene Wide Mouth Containers

    With attached polypropylene cap Durable container with good chemical resistance 30 to 1000 mL sizes Pre-attached caps available lined or unlined Autoclavable General storage containers are suitable for use with powders and solids.  The large surface area on these jars makes it easy to label,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Dressing Jars

    Polarware Company

    Easy to clean Stainless steel Sterilizable Covers included

  • Thumbnail Image for Polypropylene Jars with Covers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Store and transport solids with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Polypropylene Jars. These jars are chemically compatible with a wide range of lab materials. Straight sides and no neck making access and retrieval easy Larger sizes make excellent waste crocks Autoclavable

  • Thumbnail Image for Pap-Fix Plus™ Pap Jars Prefilled with Ethyl Alcohol

    Fix, protect, and transport your slides all-in-one. Slide-Fix™ Slide Jars are used in a variety of applications including preservation and transport of Pap smear slides, post-surgical tissues and fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies. Prefilled jars contain about 25 mL of 95% ethyl alcohol for...

  • Thumbnail Image for Slide Mailers

    Evergreen Scientific

    Polypropylene two-slide mailers offer a top-panel window wich allows slides to be viewed without opening. Sturdy living hinge design with friction-fit, post-type locks. Easy-to-use finger/thumb tabs eliminate prying and/or cutting tape. Large matte-finished area is molded-in to provide ample room...

  • Thumbnail Image for Round Chromatography Jars

    Tops are ground to close tolerances to insure tight cover fits 152 mm jar edge is flat within 0.1 mm; all others are flat within 0.25 mm Without covers. Capacity and o.d. x height are shown in listings.

  • Thumbnail Image for Jar, Polystyrene with Cover 6 Oz 70 mm

    Straight-side polystyrene containers with 180 ml capacity, supplied with white polypropylene screw closures. These "glass-clear" polystyrene jars have many uses  in the lab and industry. Lightweight and easy to  fill. Maximum temperature is 70ºC.

  • Thumbnail Image for Jar, SS, Clear, 32Oz, Phen, PTFE

    Wide-mouth design for efficient addition and removal of contents Clear glass allows for easy viewing of contents Type III soda-lime glass Choose from Convenience Packs and Bulk Packs in a variety of cap / liner combinations. All 32 ounce jars in this group are packed in corrugated cartons with...

  • Thumbnail Image for Septa Jars


    Short wide-mouth septa jars are suitable for soil sampling. Available in clear or amber Type III glass with open-top polypropylene closures bonded with a 0.045 in. thick PTFE/silicone septa. Now available tare weighted in the 60 mL size. I-CHEM Certified® 200 and 300 series bottles are...

  • Thumbnail Image for Wide-Mouth Septa Jars

    Tall wide-mouth septa jars are suitable for multi-purpose use. Available with open-top polypropylene closures bonded with a 0.045 in. thick PTFE/silicone septa. I-CHEM Certified® 200 and 300 series bottles are guaranteed to meet the EPA’s Performance Based Specifications for Volatile...

  • Thumbnail Image for Scienceware® Screw Cap Jars

    Bel-Art Products

    White Polypropylene Available in an assortment of sizes FDA approved Excellent for storing liquid or dry stock Can be used for samples Jars are autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) Caps have PE foam lining and are not autoclavable

  • Thumbnail Image for Clear Glass Straight Sided Wide Mouth Jars - Short & Tall, PTFE Lined, Precleaned & Certified

    Ideal for use in soil, sediment and sludge sampling. Preassembled with .015" PTFE or F217 lined closed top white polypropylene closures. Available in standard, precleaned or precleaned/certified in accordance with recommended E.P.A. protocol. CLASS 1: (Standard) Containers are assembled with...

  • Thumbnail Image for Large, Round, High-Density Polyethylene Jars

    Nalge 7142 jars with covers Chemical and temperature resistant Stackable, with easy-grip handles For storing and transporting dry and solid material, specimens and general lab supplies. Positive lock lids assure a tight seal. Capacity and o.d. x height given in listings.

  • Thumbnail Image for Tall Closed-Top Wide-Mouth Jars

    Tall, wide mouth clear Type III glass closed-top jar is suitable for multiple uses. PTFE liner is friction fit in place to the polypropylene closure and easy to replace if necessary.  Meets the EPA’s Performance Based Specifications for Volatile Organic Analysis.

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