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  • Thumbnail Image for Baker Spill Control Centers

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    Spill Control Centers Assortment A Consists of one each of 8238A12 Acid Spill Kit, 8238A22 Caustic Spill Kit, 8238A30 Flammable Solvent Spill Kit and spill control manual, in shelved metal cabinet Cabinet can be wall-mounted or set free-standing on bench Overall dimensions 208 x 208 x 660 mm high...

  • Thumbnail Image for Baker Spill Kits

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    Prominently identified, quick-action kits containing all necessary materials for dealing with liquid spills in the laboratory Proprietary blends of proper agents for neutralizing or detoxifying, plus inert absorbents, are packaged with necessary scoops and plastic bags for disposal Detailed...

  • Thumbnail Image for Hazmat Spills Kits

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    Absorb toxic and aggressive chemical spills, including flammable, corrosive and unknown liquids Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents made with 100% polypropylene fiber

  • Thumbnail Image for Mercsorb® Amalgamation Powder & Spill Kit

    MERCSORB® Amalgamation Powder is used to convert elemental mercury into an amalgam that stops hazardous mercury vapors from being emitted. Mercsorb absorbs 15 g Hg/100 g carbon. MERCSORB® Amalgamation Kit uses amalgamation powder sponges to absorb the mercury. Store used sponges in the plastic...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spill Sheets 16X18"Pads Cs/200

    Abrasive-resistant Spunbond layer give added strengthNow with a more quilted appearance Premium sorbent for extended-use/high durability Use Hazmat pads when the liquid is aggressive or unknown as a “no-decision” response Yellow color is highly recognized as the universal...

  • Thumbnail Image for Extra Low Lint Cleanroom Pads & Rolls

    Extra-Low-Lint cleanroom products are made with premium Hazmat Sorbents and are encased with an Extra Low Lint heat-pressed material. Extra Low Lint Pads and Rolls provide for a 100% lint-free cleanroom where airborne particles are prohibited.

  • Thumbnail Image for Yellow Hazmat Truck Kit/Vinyl Zipper Bag Spill Kits

    Compact waterproof bag holds sorbents, gloves and a temporary disposal bag yet fits easily in tight spaces like behind a truck seat or in a toolbox. Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents made with 100% polypropylene fibers Absorb toxic and aggressive chemical spills, including flammable,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spilhyder Rolls

    Proprietary pattern keeps product looking clean and new Two sizes: 15” x 150’ or 30” x 150’ Spilhyder rolls make drips and leaks disappear by drawing and trapping liquids into the highly absorbent inner fine fiber melt blown layer. The top layer remains clean and dry so it...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spilfyter® Hazmat Pads

    Premium yellow Hazmat Pads are for use where there are aggressive or non-aggressive liquid leaks or spills. Pads are perforated vertically down the center. Pads are yellow as it is widely recognized as the universal “Caution” color.

  • Thumbnail Image for Specialty Spill Control, Acid/Base Neutralizer Spill Kit; Bucket

    Grab & Go® Neutralizer Spill Kits are packed in a 5 gallon plastic bucket for easy portability & disposal of spill clean-up materials. Contains a quart bottle of both acid & base neutralizers. Bucket is rigid and keeps contents protected. Chemical Classifiers can detect other...

  • Thumbnail Image for 5-Gallon Battery Acid Kit

    Evolution Sorbent Products

    5-Gallon Battery Acid Kits Meltblown HazMat Absorb toxic and aggressive chemicals including battery acid, coolants and solvents as well as oil- and water-based fluids Contain high-performance meltblown sorbents to withstand aggressive chemicals Custom-made to any size

  • Thumbnail Image for i-Chem Maximum Security™

    The right product for anyone who must responsibly pick up and dispose of any hazardous spill. White, granular and extremely lightweight 100% Dust Free and non reactive Exceeds all standards set by EPA in regards to liquid waste disposal Features: Capture even the most dangerous spills All natural...

  • Thumbnail Image for Poly-Drum Hazmat Spill Kits

    20-, 30-, 55- and 95-gallon kits Absorb up to 16-, 24-, 40-, or 82-gallons Aggressive and non-aggressive spills All poly-drum Hazmat spill kits are designed for either inside or outside storage. The 20-, 30- and 55-gallon kits are durable and feature convenient with lever-lock metal ring tops....

  • Thumbnail Image for Wastewater Classifier Kits

    Wastewater Classifier Kits are used to detect concentrations of chemicals in wastewater. Wastewater Classifier Strips quantify the following chemical risks: Acid or Base (0-13 pH), Fluoride 20mg/L (20 ppm), Petroleum Product/Organic Solvent 10 mg/L (10 ppm), Hydrogen Sulfide 10 mg/L (10 ppm),...

  • Thumbnail Image for Kolor-Safe Dry Acid Neutralizers

    These dry acid formulas are concentrated and neutralize approximately two times the amount of acid as liquid formulas. Color change process lets you know when acids are safe to handle.

  • Thumbnail Image for Hazardous Chemical Bottle Pourer

    PTFE Pouring surfaces are totally inert Neck-sealing ring encapsulated in PTFE Pourer design allows direct and controlled pouring due to incorporated breather vent. Attached PTFE closure ensures contaminant-free contents when not in use.

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