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  • Thumbnail Image for Pass-Through Convenience Windows

    Terra Universal

    Easy-clean windows simplify transfer of parts, materials and documents between rooms Swing or sliding door opens from either side Ideal for facilities where strict between-room environmental control is not required Reinforced shelf gives users a place to set materials or documents Door made of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Cleanroom Talk-Throughs

    Terra Universal

    Terra's Cleanroom Talk-Throughs give you a clear line of communication into your cleanroom. Noncontaminating materials and construction techniques ensure cleanroom compatibility. Ideal for cleanrooms, laboratory and hospital isolation areas, and other restricted environments Mounts on 7.75"...

  • Thumbnail Image for BioSafe® Cleanroom Mirrors

    Terra Universal

    Provides a visual self-check to enhance compliance with gowning protocol before personnel enter the cleanroom Industrial-grade, copper-free mirror combines safety, cleanliness and corrosion resistance BioSafe Wall-Mount Mirrors Fabricated of industrial-grade glass, these models are mounted in a...

  • Thumbnail Image for Glass Plates

    GE Healthcare

    Polyacrylamide IEF gels can be cast in a cassette system. The cassette is made up by a glass plate with the film support and an U-frame, and is held together with clamps.

  • Thumbnail Image for Ettan™ Spot Picker Nonbacked Gel Kit

    GE Healthcare

    Allows quick and accurate protein spot picking from nonbacked 2-D gels, increasing the versatility of Ettan Spot Picker • Compatible with common staining methods such as silver, Coomassie Blue, fluorescence, and labeling with Ettan DIGE Fluor dyes High-precision picking with reference markers –...

  • Thumbnail Image for IPG4II Lid Assy.

    GE Healthcare

    IPG4II Lid Assy

  • Thumbnail Image for FilmRemover

    GE Healthcare

    FilmRemover is used for removing backing from a gel before electrophoretic transfer. Polyacrylamide or agarose gels with a thickness between 0.1 mm and 5.0 mm and a maximum gel size of 200 x 245 mm can be used. Detailed instructions for the use of FilmRemover are available in the instruction manual...

  • Thumbnail Image for Ettan™ DALTsix and DALT II Cassettes

    GE Healthcare

    The Ettan DALTsix Electrophoresis System uses the same cassettes as the Ettan DALTtwelve Electrophoresis System. The gel casting cassettes are pre assembled. Two glass plates are joined along one edge by a hinge strip of silicone rubber, and the vinyl side spacers (1.0 mm or 1.5 mm thick) are glued...

  • Thumbnail Image for Portable Emergency Eyewash Station

    SAS Safety

    One-hand operation Gravity fed, no plumbing required Holds 15 gallons of water 15-minute flow time Measures: 25" x 19-1/2" x 11-1/2" Locking cap (lock not included) Mounting bracket, inspection tag and preservative included Change water every 90 days

  • Thumbnail Image for Eye Wash, Wall Mount With 2 Or 4 Wash Heads

    Water Saver Faucet Co.

    Wall Mount with two or four wash heads For permanent installation Water supply line and piping to sewer must be installed in accordance with local plumbing codes Eyewash heads with Delrin tops provide soft-stream flow of water activated by pushing on large handle Stay-open ball valve flow control...

  • Thumbnail Image for Bio-Bin® Waste Disposal Containers


    The ideal solution for biohazard or non-hazardous waste. REDUCE Cost, Weight, Transport, CO2 Emissions, Storage Space. Space efficient, light weight fold-flat design Built-in lid and handles Temporary & permanent seals Stackable post use. UN 3291 Approved Printed user instructions & user...

  • Thumbnail Image for Faucet-Mounted Eye Washes

    Water Saver Faucet Co.

    Modell 8244N01 For most types of faucets. Aerated outlet heads are mounted 2.5” apart and angle forward. Aerated heads deliver a soft flow of water for gentle rinsing action. The angle of the heads is adjustable to permit ease of access and avoid splashing on the counter floor. Model 8244N02...

  • Thumbnail Image for Right To Know Employees Manuals

    National Marker (NMC)

    User-friendly information on handling potential hazardous materials, safety measures and emergency guidelines.

  • Thumbnail Image for Drench Hose

    Water Saver Faucet Co.

    Deck or wall mounting “Hands free” operation Flip-top spray heads Choose between deck-mounted hose, with deck flange for countertop mounting or wall-mounted hose with spring clips to assure that sprayheads and handle face forward at all times. Squeeze valve activated by stainless steel...

  • Thumbnail Image for Yellow Safety Data Sheet Binders

    National Marker (NMC)
  • Thumbnail Image for Sharps-A-Gator™ General Purpose Sharps Containers


    Meets varying sharps disposal needs Safe and efficient sharps disposal Nestable, easy to assemble Safe to incinerate or autoclave plastics and pigments. Secure and convenient container mounting for space efficient storage. Containers available in a wide variety of sizes with clear, locking tops and...

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