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  • Thumbnail Image for MidKnight™ Black Nitrile Gloves

    Offers the superior combination of durability and protection against day-to-day hazards in a comfortable nitrile glove Powder-free Fully textured for enhanced tactile sensitivity and a consistent grip Black examination glove is designed to mask the toughest of stains while providing the durability,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Spring Green Nitrile Powder-Free Exam Gloves

    Spring Green Nitrile Exam Gloves by Kimberly-Clark Professional are designed to reduce waste (with the RightCycle recycling program) and save space, while providing your technicians gloves with dexterity and strength. Ambidextrous, 9.5" Beaded Cuffs to prevent roll-down Strong grip (wet or...

  • Thumbnail Image for Supreno® SE Nitrile Gloves

    Designed for exceptional comfort, strength and durability No latex sensitivity concerns Textured fingertips Supreno SE blue gloves are designed to provide the chemical compatibility of nitrile without fatigue during prolonged use. Textured fingers allow for improved grip in both wet and dry...

  • Thumbnail Image for Safeskin* Purple Nitrile* Gloves

    Powder-free exam gloves Textured at the fingertips for improved grip Latex-free to reduce skin irritation Ambidextrous gloves are 9.5" long Single use only Serves as dental exam glove Unique color purple* provides quick visual differentiation from latex and other synthetic gloves. Powder-free...

  • Thumbnail Image for Poly Gloves


    Disposable, Poly smooth gloves Tough and Durable premium weight Easy on and off for frequent job changes

  • Thumbnail Image for StarMed® ROSE Nitrile Gloves

    StarMed® ROSE Nitrile with Aloe & Vitamin E has what it takes to brighten any environment, from ER to exam room. An aloe and vitamin E coating soothes hands and helps prevent skin irritation, while StarMed® ROSE’s formulation provides enhanced protection, comfort and tactile sensitivity. This glove...

  • Thumbnail Image for Scienceware® Clavies® Biohazard Autoclave Gloves

    Heat resistant up to 450°F (232°C) Soft, pliable gloves are excellent for handling hot objects out of the autoclave or oven, as well as for other heat protection in the lab, school or industry Washable All cotton, terry cloth gloves replace hazardous asbestos gloves. Gauntlets provide wrist...

  • Thumbnail Image for XTRA-PFE* Latex Exam Gloves

    Powder-free Fully textured Ambidextrous Beaded cuff, 12" length M AQL 1.5 Caution: This product contains Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions.

  • Thumbnail Image for Cleanroom Hands-Free Sink and Hand Dryers

    This integrated hands-free sink and hand dryer is specifically designed for use in critical cleanroom and gowning room environments. Incorporates washing and ULPA-filtered drying modules in one cleanroom-compatible station IR beam activation for hands-free, noncontaminating operation Fabricated of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thickster™ Powdered Latex Disposable Gloves

    50 gloves per box Thickness: 14mil Powdered examination grade latex 12" length for added protection Beaded cuff for easy donning Textured for superior grip Strong yet soft and flexible

  • Thumbnail Image for Dextera™ EX Powder-Free Latex Disposable Gloves

    50 gloves per box Thickness: 10mil Powder-free examination grade latex Thicker than typical latex gloves Maximum comfort for extended wear Textured grip with beaded cuff

  • Thumbnail Image for N-DEX® Original Nitrile Gloves, Lightly Powdered

    Low-modulus formulation 100% nitrile 4-mil thick 9.5” long Rolled cuff 100 gloves per dispenser; 20 dispensers per case

  • Thumbnail Image for KIMTECH PURE* G3 NXT* Nitrile Gloves

    Packaged in a Class 100 Cleanroom AQL level of 1.5 for pinholes Textured fingertips Static dissipative in use Beaded cuff, 12" length Easy to double don Double-bagged with case liner Contains no natural rubber latex Ambidextrous Recommended for ISO Class 3 or higher cleanroom environments...

  • Thumbnail Image for 93-250 TouchNTuff® Nitrile Gloves

    Confident grip and flexibility in a single use glove The Ansell TouchNTuff 93-250 provides enhanced grip in dry and wet environments, and is the only disposable glove that facilitates handling of oily objects. It combines the robust strength and functionality of the TouchNTuff line, with a uniquely...

  • Thumbnail Image for 11-925 HyFlex® Ultra-Light Weight Oil Repellent, Oil Grip Multi-Purpose Gloves

    HyFlex® 11-925 is first to market with an ULTRA-LIGHT WEIGHT solution which combines enhanced PROTECTION and PERFORMANCE to provide industrial workers with ultimate tactility across oily assembly applications without compromising their COMFORT. The first ultra-light weight HyFlex® style to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Protexis™ Latex Surgical Gloves

    Sterile Latex Powder-Free Surgical Gloves with Nitrile Coating Features and Benefits: Natural rubber latex formulation Powder-free – helps to reduce powder-related skin irritation and post-operative complications associate with granulomas Triple-dip coating technology integrates nitrile and...

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