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  • Thumbnail Image for EZ-10 Spin Column Yeast Plasmid DNA Mini-Preps Kits
  • Thumbnail Image for Vaseline™ Petrolatum Gauze

    Vaseline™ Petrolatum Gauze is a fine mesh, absorbent gauze impregnated with white petrolatum. This product remains moist, nontoxic and nonirritating. It is non-adherent and sterile.

  • Thumbnail Image for Mini MagLite®  AAA Flashlight in Presentation Box

    The Mini Maglite 2-Cell AAA Flashlight with Clip and Presentation Box (Black) from Maglite is a very compact and durable design made in the USA. The Mini Maglite features a bright and adjustable spot to flood beam, and is powered by 2 AAA batteries that last 2.5 hours. Constructed out of an anodized...

  • Thumbnail Image for Replacement PD1, PD2, PD3 Buffer

    This replacement PD1 Buffer for your IBI Hi-Speed Plasmid Kit will replace your used up buffer or enough to use up those left over preps from your existing kit. This 25ml bottle is typically enough material for processing 100 preps.

  • Thumbnail Image for IvyX™ Towelettes

    North by Honeywell

    Offers skin protection from poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac. There are two varieties of IvyX™, for before and after contact. IvyX™ Pre-Contact Barrier Towelettes are applied to the skin before possible contact with poison ivy, oak, or sumac. Solution dries quickly, becoming almost invisible...

  • Thumbnail Image for Mini MagLite® AAA Flashlight

    High intensity light beam Twist focus spot to flood Spare lamp in tailcap O-ring sealed for water resistance Compact lightweight construction High strength aluminum alloy case Ten year limited Maglite warranty Manufactured in the USA

  • Thumbnail Image for Scienceware® Blanket, Fire

    Bel-Art Products

    Ideal for Class "A" light oil and grease flare-ups Wall mountable instant-access container makes blanket available immediately Woven fiberglass construction featuring textured surface with fireproof Kevlar® threading on edges The close weave of the blanket denies oxygen to fuel the fire, thus...

  • Placeholder Image for Bloodborne Pathogen Response Kit

    These kits are complete with the necessary supplies to clean a spill containing bloodborne pathogens as well as PPE necessary to protect employees in accordance with OSHA 1910.130.

  • Thumbnail Image for Sound 911 Horn-Boxed

    Feel safe while jogging, shopping, biking or any time you need the reassurance knowing help is a signal blast away. Sound 911 Personal Safety Horn sends out a 112-decibel blast of piercing sound to deter a would-be assailant or unfriendly animal. This convenient, compact device can be heard up to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Frost-Proof On-Site Portable Gravity-Fed Eyewash

    On-Site Gravity Fed Portable Eyewash W 121 Watt Heater Jacket, Holds 7 Gallons Of Potable Water, Lower Tank Houses Push Down Eyewash Tray, SEI Certified To ANSI Z358.1-2009.

  • Thumbnail Image for Carbon Monoxide Alarm, AC Powered, Plug-In with Battery Backup

    The Kidde AC/DC carbon monoxide alarm plugs directly into your home’s standard wall outlet making installation quick and easy. The 9-volt battery backup provides protection even during power outages when many CO incidences occur. The tamper resist feature deters tampering or theft of the unit....

  • Thumbnail Image for Laboratory Application Swing-Away Eyewash

    Eyewash w/Push Handle, Counter Mount, Chrome Plated Brass Pipe, Right Hand Activation, 1/2in. NPT Water Supply, SEI Certified To ANSI Z358.1-2009.

  • Thumbnail Image for AC Powered, Plug-In CO/Gas Combination Alarm with Battery Backup

    The Kidde 900-0113 AC powered, plug-in CO and explosive gas alarm protects you and your family from two deadly threats. The 900-0113 includes 9V battery back up that provides protection during a power outage, when AC-only units can not provide protection. By pressing the Peak Level Button you can...

  • Thumbnail Image for Ready Ladder™, 50BP DNA Ladder

    Grade: Biotechnology Grade Storage Condition: Frozen 10 fragments, 50-500 bp. Supplied in 1X loading buffer.

  • Thumbnail Image for Faucet Mounted Eyewash

    Eyewash, Faucet Mount, Chrome Plated Brass, adapters include: 55/64in. x 27 Thread (Male), 15/16in. and 13/16in. x 27 Thread (Female), SEI Certified To ANSI Z358.1-2009.

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