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  • Placeholder Image for Labjaws Small Water Bath Clamp

    Suspends 6 to 13 mm thermometers over water bath. C clamp holder fits bath walls up to 9 mm thick. Overall length is 64 mm.

  • Placeholder Image for Talboys Support Stand Clamps

    Solid stainless steel equipped with large, easy-to-grip knobs Accommodates 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch diameter shaft of Talboys motor support and rod of 8596B10 support stand Accommodates 8596B10 support stand and all shafts from 1/4” to 1” diameter Strong aluminum alloy with a brushed finish...

  • Placeholder Image for Labjaws Large Water Bath Clamp

    Three prong double adjustable clamp holds a variety of items up to 33 mm diameter. Overall length is 6.4 cm. Angled thumbscrews allow easy prong alignment. Clamp holder fits 5-9 mm bath walls.

  • Placeholder Image for Labjaws Chain Clamp

    Quick and secure slip-on chain connection with large, easy-to-turn tightening knob. Holds up to 17 cm diameter objects of round or irregular shapes at any angle. 14.2 cm extension arm. Clamp holders require Thomas no. 2824C83 for connection to support rods.

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