Safety Products: Controlled Environment Products (4)

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  • Thumbnail Image for trans-Zeatin

    Bio Basic Inc.
  • Placeholder Image for Fiberglass Blower 12" 1/4HP

    Fiberglass Blower, recommended for moderate to highly corrosive applications. Features: Molded fiberglass reinforced polyester housing for durability and long life; impellers are made of injection-molded polypropylene; inlet and discharge diameters are sized to receive rigid PVC ducting material...

  • Placeholder Image for One Gallon Blender Small Jar Adapter

    Converts top of power unit of 3402E15, E20 Blenders to accept liter-size or smaller Waring Blender containers, including mini-containers Fits securely onto power unit, and the reducing drive coupling engages the 11 mm square drive shaft without clamping The powerful, motorized base of the 3402E15...

  • Placeholder Image for U-Drape Poly w/6X21''spl 60X60 Cs 28

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