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  • Thumbnail Image for Paint Test Card, Brushout

    Designed for informal brushout applications, the paper stock is thicker than regular chart paper to give greater rigidity for more convenient handling. They are also used widely for drawdowns and colorimetric measurements. Form 5DX is a black and white brushout card The top is white and bottom is...

  • Thumbnail Image for Abrasion Tester


    Helps evaluate washability and abrasion resistance Conforms to ASTM D 2486 The tester reciprocates an abrasive force linearly over the sample. Reciprocating linear motion at 37.0 ±1 cycles per minute with a constant speed over a 10-inch travel. Utilizes a brush, sponge or abrasive paper to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Powder Checker Thickness Gages

    Measure the thickness of applied dry coating powder before curing Manufactured to a tolerance of ±0.0002 Convenient shirt pocket size Available in mils or microns Gages are ideal for set-up and quality control. Gages work on a variety of part sizes, shapes and substrates such as metal,...

  • Thumbnail Image for Paint Test Card, Plain White

    Form WDX is a plain white card with convenience hole at top. Special sizes available upon request

  • Thumbnail Image for Dow Latex Applicator

    Precision Gage & Tool

    U-shaped applicator Smooth, uniform width 2 different sized gap clearances The Dow Latex Film Applicator is specifically designed to apply a second coat of paint on dried layer. The applicator applies paint, within its channel, ensuring uniform results with every use. Clearance is 7 and 10 mils and...

  • Thumbnail Image for PosiTector® Surface Profile Gages

    All Gages Feature: Simple Fast measurement rate of over 50 readings per minute – ideal for quickly and accurately measuring large surface areas Enhanced one-handed menu navigation RESET feature instantly restores factory settings Durable Solvent, acid, oil, water and dust resistant –...

  • Thumbnail Image for ASTM Scrub Media

    Aqueous dispersions of detergents, cellulosic thickener and preservative Media is adjusted and tested to assure batch-to- batch uniformity. Each container is fully identified by batch number and shipping date. Contents of unopened containers are guaranteed standard in performance for one year. Media...

  • Thumbnail Image for PosiTector® UTG Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gages

    All Gages Feature: Simple Enhanced one-handed menu navigation Pre-programmed velocities—simply select from a list of common materials or enter your own with ease SmartCouple™ mode eliminates unintentional decoupling—ensures continuous measurements while measuring on scaled or...

  • Thumbnail Image for Dry Film Coating Thickness Gages

    Positest® for the nondestructive measurement of non-magnetic coatings on steel Permanently calibrated Highly wear-resistant carbide probe for longest life and continuous accuracy Refined magnet and balance arm assemblies provide improved resolution and accuracy; four scale ranges available to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Paint Test Charts

    Opacity Charts Test pattern is a simple combination of black and white areas large enough for wide aperture reflectance measurements. Charts comply with all test methods specifying charts of such design. Dimensions: Form 2A - 5 1/2" x 10"; Form 5C, 3B - 7 5/8" x 11 3/8"; Form 14H - 11 1/4" x 17...

  • Thumbnail Image for Wet Film Thickness Gages, Non-Magnetic Coatings

    PosiPen® Measures non-magnetic coatings such as paint, enamel, plating and hot-dip galvanizing on steel Ideal for measuring on small, hot or hard-to-reach surfaces; has the smallest unique magnet of any coating thickness gauge Each has two scales: mils (inch) and microns (metric) Triple...

  • Thumbnail Image for Cross-Cut Tool Kits

    Precision Gage & Tool

    Designed for adhesion and flexibility of paints and coatings on a variety of substrates Conforms to ASTM Method D 3359 Hardened tool steel precision blade Kit includes a blade, a blade holder/handle, a hex wrench for changing blades, an extra clamp screw, a small flaking and cleaning brush, a light...

  • Thumbnail Image for Eight-Sided Wet Film Applicator

    Precision Gage & Tool

    Ideal for applying a range of predetermined wet film thicknesses Precision-ground, hardened 440-C stainless steel Accurate Durable Apply up to eight film thicknesses with one device. Applicators with gap sizes up to 50 mils are available on special order.

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