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  • Placeholder Image for Tanaka ACR-M3 Micro Carbon Residue Tester

    The ACR-M3 is used in the determination of the amount of carbon residue formed after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum material under conditions specified in ASTM D 4530, which is intended to provide some indication of the relative coke forming tendency of such materials. The ACR-M3 offers...

  • Thumbnail Image for Semi-Automatic Flash Point Testers

    Rapid Tester Ideal for quality assurance, fuel dilution and compliance testing Meets EPA and DOT requirements Offers wide temperature range from -30° to 300°C (-36° to 572°F) Verify the flash point of petroleum, paints, coatings and hazardous waste in just one minute with a 2 mL sample. Conforms to...

  • Placeholder Image for Tanaka STG-8 Flash Point Tester

    Model ATG-8 is the latest version of the automated Tag Closed Cup (TCC) flash point tester from Tanaka. Single Action Setting Easy Operation Interchangeable Ignition Source Draft Protection Shield Cover Modular Design ASTM D56

  • Placeholder Image for MPC-102S Mini Pour/Cloud Point, 115V

    MPC-102S Mini Pour/Cloud Point, 115V

  • Placeholder Image for ACO-8 Cleveland Open Cup, 115V

    Cannon Instrument

    ACO-8 Cleveland Open Cup, 115V

  • Thumbnail Image for Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Tester

    Test Method For flash point determinations of fuels, lubricating oils, liquids containing suspended solids and liquids that tend to form a surface film during testing. Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Tester Conforms to ASTM D93 and related specifications Choice of electric or gas heating Determines...

  • Placeholder Image for Flash Point Reference

    Cannon Instrument

    CANNON Instrument Company can now provide Flash Point Reference Materials for calibrating Flash Point Testers. A total of six different standards are available for the following ASTM methods: ASTM D 56, ASTM D 92, and ASTM D 93. The data provided for each standard includes the average flash point...

  • Placeholder Image for Tag Open Cup Manual Flash Point Testers

    Conforms to ASTM D 1310, D 3143 specifications Electric heating Equipped with stepless variable heat control for accurate control of temperature rate of rise per specifications

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