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  • Thumbnail Image for IntelliCAL™ CDC401 Standard Conductivity Probe

    IntelliCAL™ CDC401 is a digital, graphite, 4-pole conductivity probe. The standard version is available with a 3 or 1 m cable and is intended for laboratory use. The CDC401 is ideal for measuring electrical conductivity, salinity, resistivity, or total dissolved solids (TDS) in wastewater,...

  • Thumbnail Image for LF 513 T Conductivity Cell

    Conductivity cell with fixed cable, 2 pole cell, plastic shaft, 1m cable with 8 pole plug, sensor 2 platinum rings, cell constant 1.0 cm-1, temp.-sensor NTC 30 kOhm, length 120mm, 12 mm Ø, -5...+80°C

  • Placeholder Image for InLab® Conductivity Cells for Portable Meters

    Everywhere you Measure InLab 738: A 4-pole conductivity probe with integrated temperature sensor and attached 1.8m cable. Recommended for general measurements in the field or factory. Nominal cell constant: 0.57/cm. InLab 738-10m: A 4-pole conductivity probe with integrated temperature sensor and...

  • Placeholder Image for InLab® pH Half-Cells

    Mettler Toledo

    Useful Helpers - When Two are Better Than One In some cases it is advisable to use a separate pH half-cell and reference electrode instead of a combined pH sensor. pH half-cells are recommended for applications in which the service life of the pH electrode is significantly less than that of the...

  • Placeholder Image for InLab® Reference Electrodes

    Useful Helpers The S7 sensor head offers flexibility and can easily be connected to any meter. InLab Reference: A glass-body, reference electrode with S7 screw head. InLab Reference Plus: A glass-body, reference electrode with a movable sleeve junction, bridge electrolyte and S7 screw head. InLab...

  • Thumbnail Image for InLab® Long pH Sensors

    Mettler Toledo

    Reach New Depths The extra-long shaft allows measurements in deep vessels, barrels or pilot reactors. InLab Reach 225: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with S7 screw head and 225 mm long shaft for general application. InLab Reach 425: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with S7 screw head...

  • Thumbnail Image for InLab® pH Sensors for Specific Applications

    Accept the Challenge The measurement of solid or semi-solid samples is challenging and requires sensors that are robust, ensure proper electrolyte flow and are easy to clean. Sensors with these properties are often requested for food or cosmetic applications. A special membrane glass and a large...

  • Thumbnail Image for InLab® pH Sensors for Small Volumes

    Nothing is Impossible The more precious or limited the sample, the greater the challenge to use it for analysis. The narrow sensor shaft of micro pH sensors fits in nearly every sample container and enables measurements of sample volumes down to the lower μL ranges. InLab Flex-Micro: A semi-micro...

  • Thumbnail Image for InLab® pH Sensors for Fast Results

    Time is Precious Liquid filled electrodes are reliable workhorses, constructed for efficient pH measurements in daily laboratory use of a wide application range. For more complex sample matrices like emulsions or biological media, electrodes with a sleeve junction are recommended. InLab Max Pro ISM:...

  • Thumbnail Image for InLab® Maintenance-Free pH Sensors

    Always Ready Well-equipped for challenging tasks. The highly robust PEEK shaft in combination with the open junction makes the InLab Expert both resilient and easy to handle. Its solid reference electrolyte requires no refilling and is always ready for use. If highest performance is expected, the...

  • Thumbnail Image for General Purpose Epoxy-Body ORP Electrode

    The Ag/AgCl combination reference electrodes have an impact-resistant epoxy body. Electrodes provide a fast, stable response and are ideal for prolonged readings. Gel-filled design requires virtually no maintenance. 127 mm L x 12 mm diameter with maximum 176F (80C) temperature. Combine durability...

  • Placeholder Image for InLab® Glass pH Electrodes

    METTLER TOLEDO Glass pH Electrodes

  • Placeholder Image for DGi116-Solvent Plug & Play Combined Glass pH Electrode

    Combined glass pH electrode with a movable easy-to-clean glass sleeve junction. Plug & Play sensor with integrated sensor chip for secure handling. Especially suitable for acid/base titrations that require fast response times and quick signal equilibration in nonaqueous matrices: TAN/TBN...

  • Thumbnail Image for PlatinumLINE Electrodes

    Fast and accurate results with high quality materials, low resistance A type glass membrane or unique Platinum junctions with patented Ag/AgCl reference system. Notes: pH is BNC connection. ATC is 2.5 mm connection. Cable length is 1.5 mm.

  • Placeholder Image for Conductivity Cells


    Note: Conductivity cells have multi-pin DIN connectors, range dependent on meter.

  • Placeholder Image for Replacement Calibration Standards for ISEs

    All solutions are supplied with MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) and have a value of 1000 ppm.

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