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  • Thumbnail Image for ALPHA Series Rotational Viscometers

    The ALPHA Series is a user-friendly viscometer for the budget conscious laboratory. It provides the basic functions for simple testing procedures. This unit includes corresponding spindles, a spindle rack, carrying case, and a calibration certificate. Equipped with a 6-button touchpad and 4-line...

  • Thumbnail Image for Viscolead ADV Series Rotational Viscometers

    The Viscolead ADV Series is a budget-friendly, versatile viscometer that expands on the features of the Viscolead ONE. Offering temperature-sensing capability, Fungilab's Datalogger software, and a durable design, the Viscolead ADV is a reliable option for users seeking precise and accurate...

  • Thumbnail Image for DV-I Prime Digital Viscometers

    Brookfield Engineering Labs

    Our low cost continuous sensing Digital Viscometer now with timed measurement function A continuous sensing capability for rapid viscosity measurement makes this economical digital viscometer a standout. Measures viscosity and temperature simultaneously (with an optional temperature probe). With its...

  • Thumbnail Image for Gilmont Falling Ball Viscometers

    Accurate, inexpensive viscometers are easy to use Three ranges available for a variety of transparent liquids Simple design without electronics Teflon ® ball-released mechanism Test liquids contact Teflon glass, stainless steel, Viton ® and Delrin ® for chemical resistance White...

  • Thumbnail Image for Consistometer, Bostwick

    CSC Scientific

    Made of stainless steel With two leveling screws and a level Spring-operated gate held by positive release mechanism, allowing instantaneous flow of sample Trough graduated on 0.5 cm divisions to permit precise measurement of flow Overall dimensions: 14 x 3 x 5 inches. Requires 75 mL sample.

  • Thumbnail Image for Thermosphere


    Fungilab's Thermosphere is ideal for users seeking a stable, temperature-controlled environment for consistent viscosity measurements. The Thermosphere is compatible with Fungilab rotational viscometers, providing control over sample temperatures up to 300°C. Fungilab's Thermosphere conforms to...

  • Thumbnail Image for Thomas Zahn Signature Series S90 Viscosity Cups

    Made of polished stainless steel Looped handle and finger ring Calibrated with Cannon viscosity standards traceable to NIST; Cannon standards are produced in accordance with ISO 90002 Each cup is furnished with the mathematical formula for calculating the viscosity in centistokes using efflux time...

  • Thumbnail Image for Removable Viscometer Holders

    Cannon Instrument

    All Cannon viscometer holders are designed to fit holes 51 mm (2 in.) in diameter. Rubber holders are made of neoprene rubber.  Plastic holders hold the viscometer firmly with a spring clip.  Metal holders are constructed of chrome-plated machined brass.  A handle permits...

  • Thumbnail Image for VISDISK for Windows

    Cannon Instrument

    Programs are supplied on a 3.5” disk. The programs are designed to be user-friendly (they are accessed through a convenient menu system) and are provided with a detailed operator’s manual. The calculations performed include the following: Blending of oils- the W.A. Wright Blending Method...

  • Thumbnail Image for DVR-1000 Digital Vacuum Regulators

    Designed for precise measurement and control of vacuum at 300 mm Hg below atmospheric pressure Conforms to ASTM D 2171 Uses no mercury Completely solid state In asphalt laboratories, the DVR-1000 may be used in conjunction with Cannon-Manning, Asphalt Institute and Modified Koppers vacuum...

  • Thumbnail Image for Viscometer Temperature Probes

    The PT100 probe is applicable for rotational viscometers equipped with temperature-sensing capabilities. It is essential for applications requiring testing of varying temperatures.

  • Thumbnail Image for Cannon-Fenske Routine Capillary Viscometers

    ASTM D-445-446, ASTM D2515, ISO 3104-3105 and UNE 400313 Cannon-Fenske Routine Viscometers quickly and easily measure the viscosities of transparent Newtonian liquids. Sample volume: aprox. 7 ml. Precision: ±0.2%. With constant value indication at +40ºC and +100ºC. All capillary viscometers are...

  • Thumbnail Image for Solid Rubber Micro Stopper

    Cannon Instrument

    Tapered from 6 mm top diameter to 2 mm bottom diameter, these solid rubber micro stoppers measure 20 mm long. Micro stoppers are for use with Cannon-Fenske Qpaque Viscometer and Cannon Cold-Cranking Simulator.

  • Thumbnail Image for Adapter Plate


    Metal; for adapting the 9730F10 General Purpose Viscometer Outfit to accommodate a can of corn or similar container, up to 102 mm diameter, on the movable platform

  • Thumbnail Image for Model 2020 Rotational Viscometers

    Determines viscosity of a wide range of materials Direct readout in cP, or mPas Simple Operation ASTM Compatible Easy to use units have a wide combined viscosity range of 1 to 13,000,000 cP. The instrument performs the calculations to determine viscosity based on the torque, speed and spindle. Both...

  • Placeholder Image for Density mtr,purge pump,visc corrctn,115V

    Density mtr,purge pump,visc corrctn,115V

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