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  • Thumbnail Image for Rota-Filler® 5000

    Ergonomic pipette controller features an adjustable pivot arm and LCD indicating battery change/speed settings The adjustable pivot arm rotates to five positions: 0°, 5°, 10°, 15°, and 20° providing for more flexibility especially when working in restricted spaces; such as fume-hoods or clean...

  • Thumbnail Image for Finnpipette™ Novus GLP Kits

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific* Finnpipette Novus GLP Kits provide ergonomic and easy-to-use Finnpipette Novus pipetters in an all-inclusive kit containing everything you need for pipetting. Finnpipette Novus delivers performance with greater ease-of-use and reduced risk of injury. Unique to Novus, the...

  • Thumbnail Image for ELECTROLYTE SOLUTION, 500 mL
  • Thumbnail Image for Finnpipette™ Novus Electronic Multichannel Pipettes

    Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus Multichannel Electronic Pipettes feature a wide range of models for common laboratory tasks, such as repetitive dispensing into 96- and 384-microplates. The lightweight handle and unique index-finger operation are designed to prevent muscle stress...

  • Thumbnail Image for Labpette™ R Repeating Laboratory Pipette

    The Labpette™ R Repeating Pipette provides accurate and reproducible repetitive pipetting from the single filling of a disposable tip. Use of the Labpette™ R saves time and reduces the fatigue associated with repetitive pipetting using a standard pipette. Looks and feels like a standard...

  • Thumbnail Image for ACURA Electro Micro Pipette, Basic Package

    926XS Reduced shaft length and conical end improve driveability Easy access to microtubes and microplates Optional longer volumetric modules Unsurpassed metrological performance and stability Two year warranty The 4.8V Acura electro 926XS micropipette line includes a microprocessor-controlled motor...

  • Thumbnail Image for Calibra® digital 832 Macro Pipettes

    Single channel macro pipettes with winding-free, instant volume adjustment. Two models cover a range from 0.2 to 10mL Long term performance stability Unsurpassed shock, heat, chemicals and UV-light resistance Autoclavable at 121°C / 250°F fully assembled

  • Thumbnail Image for Pipette Pumps

    Argos Technologies

    The Argos quick dispenser pipette pumps provide safe and accurate pipetting and dispensing of liquids from serological pipettes. Glass or plastic pipettes are inserted into the tapered collar and the thumbwheel is rotated for precision filling or dispensing. The elastic chuck in the collar secures...

  • Thumbnail Image for iPette Electronic Single Channel Pipettors

    SCILOGEX iPette Electronic LED Digital Single Channel Pipettors bring form and function together reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries. The LED display and easy tip ejection button are designed for left or right handed use. The lightweight design, comfortable handle and finger hook with...

  • Thumbnail Image for Formaldehyde, 37% Solution
  • Placeholder Image for Camera 3 mgpxl Digital Moticam 2300

    Moticam attachable cameras allow the user to turn almost any existing microscope into a digital microscope. These solutions contain everything necessary to get started, including free powerful application software. Connect to the eyepiece, a trinocular mount or use the camera on its own or with a...

  • Thumbnail Image for Dispenser Tips

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    Sartorius Dispenser Tips function according to positive displacement principle, which allows accurate results also with viscous, foaming and high vapour pressure liquids. The piston within Dispenser Tips acts as a barrier between the sample and the dispenser and thus eliminates the risk of...

  • Placeholder Image for 2ml Pasteur Pipette Adapter
  • Thumbnail Image for Eppendorf Repeater Stream & Xstream Pipettors

    Provides contamination-free dispensing The Eppendorf Research family of pipettes embodies the PhysioCare Concept by addressing all relevant aspects of pipetting. The result is a new standard for integrated liquid handling systems. • Automatic dispensing • Working volume from 1 µL to 50...

  • Thumbnail Image for Finnpipette F1 Variable Volume Multi-Channel Pipette

    Silver (Ag) ions create an antimicrobial surface which inhibits growth of bacteria, microbes and fungus New Advanced Volume Gearing mechanism enhances pipetting performance and increases accuracy/precision/durability Easy set and forget pipetting button contains a lock mechanism to adjust the volume...

  • Thumbnail Image for Eppendorf Combitube

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