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  • Thumbnail Image for General Purpose Digital Laboratory Incubators

    SHEL LAB general purpose incubators deliver a degree of temperature uniformity usually found only in more expensive, application specific models. This high level of performance is due to a precise microprocessor controller and a unique warm air jacket design. Triple wall construction allows heated...

  • Thumbnail Image for Personal-Size Low Temperature Incubators

    Compact, stackable, energy-efficient, and yet exceptionally reliable low temperature incubators using Peltier technology Contrary to conventional compressor-cooled incubators, Peltier Low Temperature Incubators generate little vibration, noise, and heat. Operating Features Temperature control:...

  • Thumbnail Image for USA Digital Incubators

    LW Scientific

    The digitally controlled USA Incubators from LW Scientific are perfect for various applications such as cultures, egg incubation, test kits, fluid bag warming, and other microbiological uses in pediatric, physician, and hospital labs. This new line of incubators is designed, engineered, and...

  • Thumbnail Image for Basic Incufridge Incubating Refrigerators

    The Incufridge is the ultimate in flexibility when refrigerating or incubating temperature sensitive material. Each model is equipped with a PID controller and digital display. Two year manufacturer warranty included. Area of Focus Microbiology Food/Beverage Bacteriology Pharmaceutical Applications...

  • Thumbnail Image for Avantgarde.Line Series BD Incubators with Gravity Convection

    The BD series is specially designed for gentle incubation of organisms, as well as conditioning of heat-sensitive media. The new design of the units and the homogeneous temperature distribution ensure the very best results. Important Characteristics Temperature range: ambient temperature plus...

  • Thumbnail Image for Riboflavin

    Bio Basic Inc.
  • Thumbnail Image for Riboflavin-5'-phosphate, Sodium Salt, Dihydrate
  • Thumbnail Image for Taq PCR Master Mix (2X, Blue Dye)

    Taq PCR Master Mix (2X, blue dye) is a ready-to-use solution  containing Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP, MgCl2, PCR buffer, PCR  stabilizers, gel loading reagent and dye. PCR products can be  loaded onto agarose gel directly. Optimized Taq PCR Master Mix  (2X, blue dye) can amplify...

  • Thumbnail Image for MT-2 Digital Microplate Incubator

    The MT-2 is an incredibly accurate and reliable thermostat, accommodating 2 microplates. Its hermetic aluminum container and digital platform sensors, combined with a bi-directional heating system housed within the lid and platform, ensure an amazingly smooth temperature gradient and precise heating...

  • Thumbnail Image for PCR-EZ D-PCR Master Mix

    Bio Basic Inc.

    The PCR-EZ D PCR MASTER MIX provides an efficient, accurate, and convenient way to amplify DNA from any template.

  • Thumbnail Image for Taq PCR Master Mix (2X, Red Dye)
  • Thumbnail Image for PFU DNA Polymerase

    Bio Basic Inc.

    Cloned Pfu DNA polymerase is isolated from the hyperthermophilic marine archaebacterium. Pyrococcus furiosus. The multifunctional thermostable enzyme possesses both 5’- to 3’- DNA polymerase and 3’- to 5’- exonuclease activity, which results in a 12-fold increase in fidelity of DNA synthesis over...

  • Thumbnail Image for 3G Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase

    Hotstart Taq DNA Polymerase is a chemically modified Taq DNA Polymerase whose enzyme activities can only be activated after 3-5 minutes of incubation at 94°C. This enzyme thus exhibits no polymerase activities before the onset of thermal cycling, preventing nonspecific DNA amplification and primer...

  • Thumbnail Image for Taq DNA Polymerase

    Bio Basic Inc.
  • Thumbnail Image for LSE™ Benchtop Shaking Incubators

    Truly a benchtop style, the lid on the Corning benchtop shaking incubator has a low pivot point which provides a space-saving size sure to fit on the lab bench and under shelves. Each unit includes a software package, which provides the option of saving data to an external computer or monitoring rpm...

  • Thumbnail Image for Heracell™ 150i and 240i Tri-Gas Incubators

    Protect valuable samples while optimizing cell growth with Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ 150i and 240i Tri-Gas Incubators. They allow convenient oxygen control and are available in noncorrosive stainless steel or 100% pure copper. The incubators provide the ideal in vitro environment and...

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