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  • Thumbnail Image for Photodocumentation System


    Optional filters allow for Protein Gels (Coomassie Blue) and DNA Gels (Methylene Blue) photography.

  • Thumbnail Image for Gel-Handler

    Diversified Biotech

    For supporting, manipulating and photographing gels Flexible, UV-transparent sheets Fabricated from a polyolefin material May be cut with a scissors Acts as a carrier for gels being moved to and from the transilluminator. Slides easily under a gel in a solution. Air bubbles are not trapped between...

  • Thumbnail Image for Kyoline thermal printer


    Thermal printer, serial, 80 columns for use with RADIOMETER Analytical TitraLab & MeterLab instruments (not for use with HACH branded TitraLabs). Compact and quiet Print speed of 1.4 lines per second High resolution High grade thermal paper Highly reliable

  • Thumbnail Image for Educational Electrophoresis And DNA Kits


    For dye samples stable at room temperature Complete instructions, background information and study questions included Ready-to-load samples For 6 gels Agarose gel electrophoresis is a powerful analytical method for the separation of biomolecules. The Principles and Practice of Agarose Gel...

  • Thumbnail Image for Gel Documentation Systems


    Axygen® Gel Documentation systems easily capture publication quality, 16 bit TIFF images. The systems are quick to set up and have an intuitive user interface for image capture, annotation, and contrast adjustment. Images are easily saved and opened in common gel analysis software for more...

  • Thumbnail Image for ENDURO™ 96 Horizontal Gel Box


    The ENDURO™ 96 is an ideal compliment to the Labnet molecular biology line. The 96-well format horizontal gel electrophoresis unit is compatible with 8-channel multichannel pipettes and matches up with the standard 96-well plate configuration. The average run time for this 10 x 12 cm gel is 15...

  • Thumbnail Image for Emperor Penguin Dual Gel Electrophoresis Systems

    Owl Separation Systems

    Durable acrylic fabrication for years of service Safety interlocking lid with attached three-foot long power supply leads The Penguin P8DS system provides fast run times and easy operation for excellent results. The Penguin P9DS system is the optimal size for two-dimensional electrophoresis. The...

  • Thumbnail Image for ENDURO™ VE20 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System


    The ENDURO™ VE20 is Labnet’s large format vertical gel electrophoresis system. It distinguishes itself in its flexibility of applications and ease of gel casting and set-up requiring only 4 screws to secure 4 gels. The same gel tank can house a large format electroblotting assembly sold...

  • Thumbnail Image for Cipher DGGE Electrophoresis System, 4-Place

    C.B.S. Scientific

    Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) is a powerful genetic analysis technique that can be used for detecting single base changes and polymorphisms in genomic, cloned, and PCR amplified DNA. Two of the most valuable uses for DGGE in human and microbial genetics are in directly detecting...

  • Thumbnail Image for Flow-Mesh

    Diversified Biotech

    Permeable and inert Reusable after cleaning Can be cut to size with scissors Can be used as a permeable stacking spacer and support for gels during stain and destain procedures Polypropylene mesh is approximately 1/3 mm thick with 1 mm strand spacings and approximately 70% void volume. This large...

  • Thumbnail Image for BioDoc-It® 210 Imaging System


    0.3 megapixel camera (FluorCam 210) with 8-bit depth for quick image capture and documentation 8-inch LCD screen with new touch screen technology allows users to easily select screen options with the stylus pen Integrated software provides increased simplicity for image capture and live preview of...

  • Thumbnail Image for Joey™ Protein Gel Caster

    Owl Separation Systems

    Patented, versatile caster for all types of gels Up to four gels may be cast at one time During casting, acrylamide is completely contained within the fitted pouch Rugged and reliable fabricated acrylic caster Plastic pouches allow casting without tape and eliminate the need for bottom spacer. Each...

  • Thumbnail Image for ENDURO™ 10.10 Horizontal Gel Box


    ENDURO™ Horizontal Gel Boxes have been designed for ease of use, safety and durability. A variety of sizes are available, from a mini gel system to a large maxi gel system that can accommodate as many as 450 samples in a single run. A wide range of accessories are available to customize your...

  • Thumbnail Image for Gator™ Electrophoresis System

    Owl Separation Systems

    Gator™ models A1 and A2 large gel systems Electrode placement ensures a uniform electric field and clear banding Durable acrylic construction Three point leveling ensures flat, even gels Leak-resistant gasketed end gates Durable, acrylic gel casting system has an UV transmissible gel tray that...

  • Thumbnail Image for MaGELin Universal Protein System

    IBI Scientific

    The MaGELin Universal Protein system is designed to accommodate numerous gels in 10 x 10cm pre-cast and 10 x 10cm hand-cast. Includes the following: Buffer Tank Gel capture device Vented lid Power cords Buffer dam 2-place casting system Three sets of 10 x 10cm glass slides Two sets of 0.8mm...

  • Thumbnail Image for Horizon® Series, H58 Mini Horizontal


    For fast results and easy setup there's nothing better than the H58. The H58 is a 5.7 cm x 8.3 cm horizontal format gel electrophoresis apparatus designed for rapid, high resolution separation of nucleic acids and proteins. It's suitable for agarose gel electrophoresis procedures where buffer...

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