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  • Thumbnail Image for Tuttnauer 3545E Autoclave Sterilizer Electronic Model

    Self contained design eliminates external plumbing and handwiring for easy installation Digital display continuously shows you temperature, pressure and running time 60 minute cycle timer Temperature selection from 105 °C to 137 °C (221 °F - 279 °F) Unit comes with 2 trays as...

  • Thumbnail Image for Options & Accessories for Sterilizers

    Integral Data Printer (1217H17) This printer provides a permanent and traceable record of: time, temperature, pressure, batch number and cycle ame. There is also provision for operator signature. The printer also provides reports of cycle settings and servicing information. Load Sensed Process...

  • Thumbnail Image for Compact 'Classic' Sterilizers

    Astell Scientific

    Astell’s 'Compact' range of autoclaves requires no plumbing and operates from a standard single phase power supply. Many customers choose this model not only for its small footprint, but also because it requires no services other than a standard power supply. This 'Classic'...

  • Thumbnail Image for BioClave™ Series Research Autoclaves

    Despite the space-saving exterior dimensions of the Bioclaves, the stainless steel chambers are surprisingly large, accommodating a variety of liquids, media, instruments, glassware, plasticware and other common laboratory items. Both of these benchtop models include a mechanical and electrical...

  • Thumbnail Image for ALL AMERICAN® 1941X 41 Quart Non-Electric Sterilizer

    Used over any effective heat source, the non-electric ALL-AMERICAN® sterilizers provide dry sterile dressings and instruments, with all bacteria and micro-organisms destroyed, in a matter of minutes. Only a small amount of water is needed to create the dry steam. Features Use over any heat...

  • Placeholder Image for Tuttnauer Autoclave, 3870E

    85 L/22.5 gallon electric benchtop autoclave for steam sterilizing liquids, instruments, glassware, and other laboratory items 15 x 27" (diameter x depth) chamber for sterilizing lab equipment 220V power source Temperature selection from 105 to 137 degrees C (221 to 279 F) with sterilization...

  • Placeholder Image for Biological Indicator

    Easy, inexpensive method to verify steam sterilization processes in your lab Results proven in 48 hours Save up to 60% of the cost of outside laboratory sterility tests These biological indicators are perfect for instrument glassware and other product verification and save both time and cost over...

  • Thumbnail Image for ALL AMERICAN® 25X 25 Quart Electric Sterilizer

    Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry was first in the field to develop an immersion-type pressure sterilizer for physicians’ offices, hospitals and laboratories. The electric ALL-AMERICAN® Sterilizer is a complete, self-contained unit with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic...

  • Thumbnail Image for Toploading Autoclaves

    Portable with smooth rolling casters and no mechanical connections Fully automated operation Digital set and read-out Quick and slow release Choose from the sterilize only or sterilize and dry models. Models have top-mounted door for easy vertical loading, leaving 40% more usable space. Each unit...

  • Placeholder Image for Tuttnauer Autoclave, 3545EP, 220V

    34.4 L/7.8 gallon electric benchtop autoclave for steam sterilizing liquids, instruments, glassware, and other laboratory items 12.2 x 18.5" (diameter x depth) chamber for sterilizing lab equipment 220 V power source Built-in printer with paper for documenting Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)...

  • Thumbnail Image for Saniclave RS-SC-50 Steam Autoclave

    Revolutionary Science

    Features One button operation Durable construction Safe burn free exterior Display: Digital time and/or temperature Safety: Over temperature alarm Rugged stainless steel chamber and cover Load type: Solid, non-lumened, unwrapped medical instrument

  • Thumbnail Image for Sterilmatic Autoclaves

    Market Forge

    Fully automatic operation 84 liters volume Large capacity Easy, low cost maintenance Electric steam pressure sterilizer is fully automatic and time-controlled. Model STME utilizes a built-in temperature control which maintains 121°C (250°F). Model STME-L provides an adjustable temperature...

  • Thumbnail Image for Saniclave 200 Steam Autoclave

    Revolutionary Science

    The Saniclave 200 is designed and manufactured by Revolutionary Science, a leader in high tech laboratory equipment and sterilization for over a decade. Today, autoclave standards are higher than ever. This state of the art sterilizer was not “grandfathered in” with primitive technology...

  • Placeholder Image for Tuttnauer Autoclave, 3545M, 220V

    Drying cycle removes residual moisture after sterilization; continuous pressure purge eliminates air pockets and ensures thorough, even sterilization 60 minute cycle timer and temperature selection from 100°C to 134°C (212°F to 273°F) Automatic low water level shut-off prevents...

  • Placeholder Image for Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry Replacement Parts
  • Thumbnail Image for Ultraviolet Sterilizer

    EMD Millipore

    Rapidly decontaminate 47 mm Millipore filter holders between successive sample filtrations Prevents organism carry-over on funnels Economical autoclaving alternative Holds up to three 47 mm funnels and bases Sterilizes by exposing organisms to four germicidal UV lamps

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